Buying a Commercial Property? Why You Need to Be Careful Before You Sign

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While there may have been a 'blip' in the last decade due to the global slowdown, it remains the case that property is a good investment and can be expected to perform well from a historical perspective. You may be aware of this and are thinking about buying a commercial property to add to your growing portfolio. However, you do need to carefully consider your position and determine your business model before you proceed.

31 August 2018

Will Mandatory Arbitration Clauses Benefit Your Business?

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Businesses get sued every day for various reasons. You may have sold a defective product to the consumer or rendered services in a manner contrary to the user agreement. Companies stand to lose a lot of money when such lawsuits are ruled in favour of the complainant. That's why they consider including mandatory arbitrary clauses in their contracts. This clause indicates that the aggrieved party has to agree to a sit down where the matter will be resolved by an arbitrator.

13 July 2018

Can You Get Compensation for Food Poisoning?


Every now and again people suffer gastric problems when they eat something that doesn't agree with them. The symptoms involved are typically relatively mild and clear up by themselves, although occasionally, a case of food poisoning may elevate the suffering and even lead to some down time in bed. This type of experience can be debilitating, but in the worst-case can lead to long-term health problems as well as time off work and financial issues.

17 April 2018

Personal Injury Claims: 4 Common Mistakes


If you have been involved in an accident, you may be considering launching a compensation claim to cover the cost of any medical treatment or loss of earnings which occurred as a result of the time you had to take off work. However, when filing a compensation claim, it is important that you avoid making any of the following mistakes. Below is a guide to 4 common mistakes made by people when filing a compensation claim.

17 April 2018

Answering Some Basic Questions About Family Law

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Addressing family matters that require some type of legal intervention can be difficult, if not downright unpleasant. However, having an attorney working for you can alleviate a lot of the stress you might be feeling during this time, ensure your rights are protected, and ensure you know your responsibilities and obligations according to local laws. While only an attorney can advise you about your case in particular, note a few basic questions you might have about family law so you know when to speak to an attorney and what to expect during the process.

1 March 2018

How to Protect Your Financial Interests During a Divorce

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It is important for people who are going through a divorce to take measures to protect their financial interests. Such proactive action will avert any complications that can arise once the divorce is concluded. This article discusses some of those proactive measures that you should take. Institute a Credit Freeze Instituting a credit freeze means that no one will be able to access your credit report. This measure is often necessary for couples that are divorcing since they usually have shared accounts.

24 January 2018

Benefits of a Probate Lawyer Instead of a General Practitioner

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What should I do when a loved one dies without leaving a will? Many people often ask this question when someone close to them, who had some property, passes on. The first move by many people is to seek any lawyer and ask for their advice. However, while a general practitioner may suggest ways to deal with this situation, the best person to assist you is a probate lawyer. Below are several reasons why you should seek the services of a probate lawyer instead of a general practitioner.

20 December 2017

How to Seek Compensation If You're a Foreign Driver Injured in a Car Accident in Australia

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If you're unlucky enough to be involved in an automobile accident, you've got some trying times ahead. This type of experience can be traumatic enough when it happens in your native country, but it can be very much more complicated and challenging should it happen when you are overseas on holiday. If you sustained a serious injury during a car accident in Australia, but have had to return to your native land in the meantime, is there anything you can do to try to seek compensation from the party at fault?

15 November 2017

Does Mental Incapacity Render a Will Null and Void?

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In recent years, there has been a considerable rise in the number of cases of dementia and Alzheimer's disease in the Australian population. These illnesses are particularly concerning, as they can often lead to a reduction in capacity for the affected individual and difficulties for members of the family as time goes by. In particular, major difficulties can arise when it comes to the creation of a will, if the individual is so affected.

10 October 2017

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Potential Conveyancer

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Conveyancing is part of fulfilling legal requirements when ownership of a property changes, and so it's important to ensure you choose the right person/firm to handle your property transfer. Buying or selling property is a huge undertaking, and if done improperly, it could expose you to criminal or civil liability, not to mention losing your investment. This article highlights five questions to ask when vetting potential property solicitors. 1. What are your charges?

5 September 2017